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Sales Team Building

Developing a team that has the same goals and values as your company can be challenging. Acquiring and training employees is an investment. It is time-consuming, costly and full of unpredictability. Bottleless Water Solutions helps simplify the process. We are committed to helping you create a sales team that is as passionate and dedicated to the company as you are.

  1. How to find and hire the right people
  2. Sales training and materials
  3. Sales management
  4. Compensation methods
  5. Aligning execution with expectations
  6. Get predictable results

How to find and hire the right people

Hiring great employees is much more than reading resumes and conducting interviews. There are several minor mistakes that can cause a potential team member to slip through your company’s fingers. But with a few tweaks these hang ups can easily be eliminated. Bottleless Water Solutions helps your business optimize the way it hires to ensure that you only employ those who fit in with the culture of your company, increase revenue and maintain your company’s reputation.

Sales training and materials

Sales training can be time consuming. Regardless, training that prioritizes education and hands-on experience can increase the longevity of the employee/employer partnership and ultimately increase profits. Bottleless Water Solutions helps you design a comprehensive training module that teaches employees how to maximize their sales and quickly gets them out in the field growing your company.

Sales management

The execution of sales management, defined as the development of any sales operations needed to achieve sale goals, can make or break a company. Because of the variation in moving parts of a business, it’s necessary to have a sales management procedure that ensures that the sales processes are running efficiently. Bottleless Water Solutions helps your company do just that. We use our experience in the industry to advance the way your company manage sales and increasing profits while still giving customers the best value.

Compensation methods

Knowing how to fairly compensate each individual sales rep can be confusing. By having proper compensation methods in place, you can eliminate this issue. Compensation plans create a road map for fair compensation based on the sales representative’s role within your company, time of employment, nature of sales engagements, and more. Bottleless Water Solutions helps you create a compensation strategy that keeps your employees happy while maximizing your profit.

Aligning execution with expectations

Do you have all the knowledge on how to grow your business, but struggle bridging the gap between knowing and doing? Learning to align your company’s strategy with its execution will help you beat the odds and boost your returns. Bottleless Water Solutions increases your chances of success by helping your company save on costs, make innovative choices and increase your competitive advantage.

Get predictable results

The goal of any company is profitable growth. To achieve this, your business needs stability in the results they are receiving from both sales and employees. Bottleless Water Solutions offers the tools you need to help establish results that are predictable.

Building a good team can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Partner with us today to benefit from our proven sales programs and training.

Inspired? Let’s work together.

Find out what Bottleless Water Solutions can do to help grow your business today.

Inspired? Let’s work together.

Find out what Bottleless Water Solutions can do to help grow your business today.