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Operational Infrastructure

If you’re a new or existing bottleless water company looking to grow, then having a proper operational infrastructure in place will help progress your business in the right direction. An infrastructure plan includes filling the positions that are needed to start and operate a company. Bottleless Water Solutions has the resources and knowledge needed to help clients develop their business’s vital operational functions.

  1. Human resources
  2. In-house contract servicing
  3. Customer relation management (CRM)

Human resources

Despite the size of the business, it is critical to have a human resources department to protect employee well-being. The human resources department is responsible for payroll, benefits and hiring tools. At Bottleless Water Solutions, we invest our time and expertise to protect your company while also prioritizing the safety and happiness of your team.


Human resource’s responsibilities pertaining to payroll include all things related to taxes, handling both sick and vacation time and ensuring the employees are paid on time either by check or direct deposit.


When it comes to benefits, human resources keep track of all employee benefits ranging from health insurance to 401(k) plans and tuition reimbursement.

Hiring Tools

The hiring process is maintained and handled by human resources. The HR department is responsible for all interviewing including hiring and exit interviews, recruiting, and drug/background checks.

In-house contract servicing

As your in-house rental contract numbers grow, the related billing and collection hassles and costs grow right along with them. It takes specialized infrastructure and experience to meet the needs of today’s AP departments and ensure that your recurring rents are accounted for accurately. Bottleless Water Solutions understands the importance of protecting this valuable rental income portfolio and uses state-of-the-art systems to provide affordable billing and collection services…so that you can focus on growing the business and adding to you recurring rents.

Customer relation management (CRM)

There’s no better way to “inspect what you expect” than to have a robust CRM system to track every step of the sales cycle, from prospect, to lead, to happy customer and right onto complete service scheduling and tracking. At Bottleless Water Solutions, we are regularly improving the technology and tools we provide so that we can always offer options that make business effortless for you, your company and your clients.

For both existing and new businesses, implementing proper operational infrastructure can be a challenging task. Bottlelesss Water Solutions makes it easy for your company to improve the quality of relations between all individuals involved: owner, employees, and customers. Contact us today to talk about the ways we can develop your operational infrastructure.

Inspired? Let’s work together.

Find out what Bottleless Water Solutions can do to help grow your business today.

Inspired? Let’s work together.

Find out what Bottleless Water Solutions can do to help grow your business today.