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About Us

Rick Veach and Scott Bailey are industry veterans that helped to pioneer and perfect the Bottleless Water Cooler rental model. Together they helped introduce hundreds of thousands of coolers into the marketplace and have funded hundreds of millions of dollars in cooler rentals. Now, through Bottleless Water Solutions, that experience, passion, and commitment are leveraged to offer opportunities for you in the Bottleless Water industry that simply aren’t available anywhere else.

Rick Veach

After an extensive and successful career in the office equipment industry, Richard Veach co-founded Pure Water Tech of Indiana in 2005 as his induction into the bottleless water space. After about one year and 800 placements later, Rick and his team launched a full-scale assault on the bottleless water industry. This led to 11 offices under Pure Water Tech ownership between 2006 and 2009 and the placement of just under 11,000 coolers. In 2010, Pure Water Tech brought in a private equity group and the Pure Water Tech name changed to Onesource Water.

Richard became the Founder/Vice President of the new entity. Between August of 2010 and July of 2014, Richard’s sales team grew the organic base to 35,000 placements while Onesource added 15,000 placements in acquired placements, all for a grand total of 50,000 units in the field.

Richard resigned from Onesource in July of 2014, only to embark on a new adventure; Richard was on the board of a new product agnostic finance company called Captive Finance Solutions. Richard worked alongside founders John Windju and Scott Bailey to form the company known as Pure Water Partners (PWP). Richard became a full-time business partner in 2014, about 7 months after the official start of date of the business. He served as the VP of Business Development. Since Richard has joined PWP, the company has blossomed to over 150 new dealers and over 100,000 million in contract funding’s by mid-2018. Richard now serves as CEO of the company today. At the beginning of 2018, Richard, along with Scott Bailey and Jacob Pluchenik, launched a separate entity called Bottleless Water Solutions.

BWS was formed to help the bottleless water industry by providing expertise, capital and technology to a wide variety of bottleless water and ice dealers to assist in growing their businesses using proven methods and best practices in every aspect of their business.

Scott Bailey

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Find out what Bottleless Water Solutions can do to help grow your business today.

Inspired? Let’s work together.

Find out what Bottleless Water Solutions can do to help grow your business today.